About Imy & Me

Imy & Me is a NSW Central Coast based photography studio that creates bespoke images of children & families.

Kirsty Maree is the Primary photographer.
Her passion is photographing children and their familes.
She is inspired by the magic in children’s eyes, the innocence of their personalities and cheekyness in their hearts. Kirsty loves to create whimsical portraits, as well as capturing the natural essence and character of each family.

Kirsty’s style of photography is dervied from what she loves to capture, as a mother-after all, her love and passion for photography started with her taking images of her children. She realised that she enjoyed capturing the little details of children- their size, their curls, their eye lashes, their finger and toes. And so Imy & Me images are all about the details, both big and small. They are also about capturing the connection and bonds that occur within famillies.

Imy & Me photo sessions always go at the pace of the children. Kirsty’s goal is to have fun, create some memories, and capture the moments in photographs.

Monochrome (Black & White) images are a key element of an Imy & Me portfolio. However we do not believe that all images should be presented in Monochrome and so we hand select the images to deliver maximum impact.

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“Photography remembers the little things long after you have forgotten”
~Aaron Siskind.